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Welcome to the website of Bellettrie. We are a library for students, managed by students. You will find us in the Bastille, next to the Union Shop. In addition to the library we accommodate an Anime and Japanese Cultural Association.

Our Collection

We have well over 10 000 books, spanning multiple exciting categories. We have a lot of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and also a collection of Comic Books and Manga. For people who read in Dutch, we also have a large section of Dutch literature, and traditional Belgian comics (stripboeken). The Belgian comics are also a great way to learn Dutch.

Opening Hours

Outside university holidays we are guaranteed to be open on weekdays, 12:45-13:30 and 19:00-20:00. In normal times you're allowed to just come in when-ever, but due to the current lock-down in the Netherlands, it's required to reserve beforehand. Normally, we may be open outside these hours, but right now we're not. You can check the traffic light above, that one is green if we're open.


  1. Dance Dance Revolution
    Every Monday (starting 20:00), we play Dance Dance Revolution in the Drakenkelder! We hope to see you there!
  2. Writing Evenings
    Every Wednesday (starting 20:00), we have writing evenings. On these evenings, people support each other in writing, and talk about how to write stories.
  3. Animarathons
    Every other Friday(starting 20:00), we have anime watching evenings. For now these are on-line.
Check out the Drakenkelder Discord for more information on these activities.