Becoming a Member

What does it mean to be a member

Before you can borrow books from the Bellettrie library, you will have to become a member. To become a member of Bellettrie you will have to have a UnionCard. After acquiring an UnionCard, and becoming a member you may lend up to 5 books and 5 comics at once. Books usually have a loan period of 3 weeks, comics can only be borrowed for one week.

How do I become a member?

You just drop by us. Here you can ask the opener to get a membership form, which you can fill in. You can also download the membership form and fill it in digitally, as long as you then print it, physically sign it and bring it by us.

How expensive is membership?

It's free of charge once you obtained an Unioncard. Becoming a member of Bellettrie is one of the basic/free benefits of the Unioncard. For campuscard holders, membership costs 10 euros. At the moment of writing, students from the University of Twente can obtain a Unioncard, all others can obtain a Campuscard, with varying prices depending on their relationship with the University of Twente.